Our Wedding Flowers

For today's version of Wedding Wednesday, I'm going share about our wedding flowers.

When we decided on our theme, (Vintage Cuba) I knew I wanted a bouquet with soft colors that would compliment my lace & silk dress.

Many emails and visits to the florist later, we decided on - white hydrangeas, babies breath, spray roses, lily of the valley and assorted greenery. 

I didn't get to see my bouquet until the day of (which freaked me out a bit) but I had full trust in the florist's work. Overall, I was very pleased with how my bouquet turned out and loved how well it complimented both my dress and husband's suit.


At first, picking flowers was a challenge because of the strict budget we had. I'd much rather put money into bigger parts of the wedding (even though they are very pretty, remember they die the next day.)

After much research on  bridesmaid's bouquets, I fell in love with the idea of homemade lavender bouquets.

Farm + Vintage + November = Homemade Lavender Bouquets

Lavender Bunches
Green Foam
Ivory Satin Ribbon

How To:
- Take a bunch and wrap around green foam ball one by one. Stick some springs into the green foam and others around. (this is the tedious part)
- The fuller you want your bouquets, the more lavender you should use. (we were making 9 bouquets, so we couldn't use that many per.)
-Tie ribbon around bottom of lavender

Thank goodness for my bridesmaids!! They totally took this project on and tackled it in a few hours! I'm glad we got to assemble them together and spend extra time before the wedding!

Thanks for reading & sweet day!! Check back next week for the inside scoop on our wedding ceremony.


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