Wedding Advice From A Pro

For today's Wedding Wednesday post, I've decided to take a break from my wedding, and ask a good friend to share a little wedding planning advise from her side of the fence.

A continuous question among brides: What should I splurge on for my wedding? Although we would all love to splurge on every aspect of our big day, we have to be practical and within our means. The one thing I would recommend you do not take lightly on your wedding day is the person that has the ability to make a beautiful memory for you and your new husband, your future children and grand children: your photographer.

When you put so much effort into creating your perfect wedding day and then you hire a photographer because they are “cheap” and you think you found a great deal, that cheapness will show in your photos. This is not 100% of the time of course because you cannot always generalize, but it is something you should take into serious consideration. A great photographer could cost you between $6,000-9,000. And that, in my opinion is money very well spent. 

Here are some tips for when you’re shopping for your wedding photographer:
How much experience does he/she have?
Does their personality suit you?
When you tell them what you’re looking for, do you feel as if they’re really listening to you and your needs or are they treating you like any other bride?
Have they photographed at your venue? 
Do they have suggestions?
Do they make you feel comfortable with their abilities? 

This is where I will suggest that you use your photographer for your engagement photos. Does he/she allow you to be yourself with your fiancé? Can he/she take photographs that emphasize the love you naturally have for one another? This will make or break how you will feel on your wedding day.

When you’re thinking about the price of a photographer, you’re typically going to say, “WHAT?! You want how much to photograph my wedding??” Believe me, that is not out-of-the-ordinary. What you need to consider is how much time really goes into your wedding photos. The photographer will spend the day and night photographing, then will spend weeks in front of their computer fixing every photo and detail to make sure they come out perfectly for you. Typically the photographer will take 400+ photos. Have an unwelcomed blemish when you wake up the morning of your big day? They will make it invisible in your photos as if it never happened. This takes time, a lot of energy and patience. Keep this in mind when creating your budget.

Photography should also come to mind when choosing your venue. You can have the best photographer money can buy, but if your venue is bland and lacking uniqueness, you will not be happy with the photos. Take into consideration the locations that you choose for your ceremony and reception, how can you make this space unique to you?

If you’re lucky, this is the first and the last time you will be getting married – so it’s important to do it right. Knowledge is power and results in a very happy bride at the end of the best day of your life.


Brittany Jean is a wedding and special event planner based out of South Florida. She is a member of the Association of Bridal Consultants and pursuing certification. She is currently planning weddings pro bono and would love to speak with you about your special day! Please contact for further information.
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