Weekend Recap

This weekend, Gabriel and I planned to not plan anything (mixed in with prepping our house for the upcoming renovation.)

I would have to say, accomplishing the first goal is a lot more fun than accomplishing the second! Anyway, we pretty much packed up one side of our house and moved it to the other side, purchased the tile, browsed through nadeu, went grocery shopping,  went to Saturday night service, sorted through tons of paper piles &  took down our tree (are we the only ones who still had it up??? undecorated of course!)

We also got these new babies....and did about 50 loads! We are loving our new front loaders. More on why we decided to go with front loaders later this week.

We even had a chance to fit in some snuggling, vacation planning, movies (in which I fell asleep during both, sorry babe!) and had lots of coffee and tacos (not together though).

Phewwwwww. Good thing I have today off! I will be spending it folding, packing up more stuff and studying for a certification test I have coming up at the end of the week!

How will you be spending your MLK day?