NYC & An Educational Resource

As I mentioned before, my hubby & I took a trip to NYC to celebrate our 1st New Years together as Mr. & Mrs. I'll let the pictures do the recap of what we did...with maybe a little commentary from the peanut gallery.

 best breakfast in the city.
 best pizza in the city.
best coffee in the city. we went about 15 times during our stay. no joke.
 our lady liberty.
 us florida people were freezing. it was in the low 20s.
 best, best, best sushi in the city. i believe we ate our body weight in sushi. tripled.
 new years eve getting ready to eat more sushi & snuggle on top of the roof for the fireworks.
 they have one in nyc. pretty amazing.

While I was in NYC, I decided to make a video for my first graders since we're studying "America Icons" this month. Feel free to show this video to your class (teachers out there) if you ever want them to see some NYC American Icons!

Update: They saw the video yesterday afternoon and loved it....wanna guess their favorite part?? Yes, the close up of a One Direction billboard ;) I know just how to get their attention!

Have a sweet Friday! Tomorrow we are headed to Naples for the weekend to spend time away with my bro/sis-in-law and mom/dad-in-law. I can't wait to do some relaxing with the hubs since he's been out of town all week working.

Have a great weekend!!