My Bridesmaid's Attire

As I told you last week, I'm dedicating Wednesday to wedding recaps. On the crisp Sunday morning of November 25, 2012 Gabriel and I walked down the isle in Dade City, Florida. The day was glorious and brought me more joy than I ever thought possible! I'm dying to share so much with you, but promise to take it one week at a time!

This week I've decided to focus on my bridesmaid's attire.

Dress: Sophia from J.Crew (similar)
Fabric: Tricotine
Color: Fawn

A year before few months before the wedding, I sent my bridesmaids letters in the mail explaining wedding details. Sending a letter helped me organize my thoughts and made it easier to show what I was looking for (being that almost everyone was long distance from the venue, including me). They probably thought I was a little looney after receiving the letter, I know! ;)

I decided to stick with a neutral pallet for several reasons:
- went well with every skin tone
- a suitable fall color
- outdoor oak tree wedding

 I asked my bridesmaids to wear any nude shoe they had or felt comfortable in. The more options you give, the easier it is.

The day before the wedding, I gave my bridesmaids pearl bracelets as a gift. Pearls went nicely with the vintage theme and neutral pallet.

Again, I wanted to keep it simple on my girls, so I told them to just wear their hair down. I think this option worked out great, especially since we didn't make arrangements to go to a hair stylist the morning of (our early Sunday weddings left no room for this).

As another gift, I gave my bridesmaids cream color scarves so that they would be able to wear it at the wedding (we woke up to 30 degree weather!!!) and to use after that.

When you are shopping for your bridesmaids, try to have your color scheme or theme in mind. Another reasonable idea is different choosing different style dresses in the same color. This option gives your bridesmaids a true sense of uniqueness and lets them find figure flattering styles.  So whether you are all about planning every detail or having your girls dress themselves, make sure to find an attire that reflects you and still lets them shine!

Need help with your selection, color, style or theme? Shoot me an email, I'd love to help!

Sweet Day & Happy Wedding Planning!

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