House Renovation: Tile Floor

Now that we are back from our time off (wedding, honeymoon, holidays, traveling) we are jumping into more house renovations! For the past couple of months, we decided to break and start again in the new year.

Next up on our list: tile floors 

When we bought our house, it came with carpet-covered terrazzo. Once the carpet was removed (1st thing we did) we loved the floor that was under, but soon learned (with the help of specialists) that the floor had stains that wouldn't be able to be removed.
While shopping around for flooring, we came across new terrazzo floor averaging at $25.00 sf which was way over the price range!!

Next...we decided to look into was porcelin tile that looks like wood! Cool, huh?? We knew it would give our house the perfect "coastal cottage" look we were going for!

The tile comes in planks of 6x24 or 6x30 and has textures just like wood.

Perks: Easy to clean, no grout line, more durable & less expensive (ranging from $2.45 sf - $7.00 sf).

We are looking at having the floors installed throughout the house in a few weeks! As for now, we are still in the process of finding the perfect color to match our light walls (they come in many varieties).

I'll make sure to update you on the progress!

Sweet Day!!
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