At The Diaz House Lately...

Here are some bits and updates on what's been going on over at our house:

-On Friday, I got the keratin treatment and haven't been able to wash my hair since (on day numero 4, yikes!)

- In honor of passing the teaching certification test, my hubby and family took me out to Joe's Stone Crab on Miami Beach. (You haven't heard of Joe's, oh my! I know whole stone crab thing looks gross, but I can promise you that it's buttery amazing!)

-We've been spending lots of time organizing and getting rid of a ton of unneeded clothes.

-Planned out what will be going on with the reno starting today.

-While laying around lazy Sunday, I went through a bunch of inspirational magazines to look at window trim/ baseboard ideas and we ended our weekend with a trip the hardware store and found the winning baseboards!!!

Happy Demolition Day (to the floors at least). 

What has your household been up to lately? I love all this stuff our weekends as newlyweds have been consisting of lately!!! I can't wait for the next one ;)