Best Coffee in NYC

For our first New Years together as husband and wife, we've decided fly to NYC and celebrate over here! We will be here for the next week eating, exploring and just simply hanging out.

Enough about for The best coffee in NYC...

I have to be honest though, we actually didn't find this spot in NYC. We first found it while in Seattle (on our honeymoon) and instantly loved it. The vibe is sort of like our favorite Miami coffee house but even better!

{Welcome to Stumptown Coffee}

On top of having out of this world coffee, Stumptown is also known for being committed to the well-being of everyone they work with- from the farmers and the communities to their employees. I am a big sap when it comes to companies that care about others and not just their profit. Cool thought, right?

No matter where you have your first taste of this coffee, you will not be disappointed.

Warning: Some coffee houses sell Stumptown Coffee beans, but it's not the same as the Stumptown Coffee locations. A big part of the coffee flavor comes from the baristas and how they hand select/mix each blend. Oh yes, I almost forgot to share our favorite with you, the latte!

So, next time you are in NYC, Seattle, Portland or LA (coming soon), you need to give them a try!