My Bachelorrette Party

Or should I say, my version of a bachelorette party.

My weekend was phenomenal. It all started with a drive to a small beach town near Boca Raton. I went to college in Boca, and lived there for 3 years...Boca is also where I met Gabriel, so it holds a very special place in my heart! They couldn't have picked a better spot to spend the weekend.

Anyway, since I went to school there, a lot of my college gals still live there, and two of my sorority sisters planned the entire thing! It was a weekend filled with food, friends, sweets, ocean, games and stories! I was so touched by everyone's generosity and driving from all over the state to come and spend the day with me! It was the perfect girls day and send off into marriage.

I was so excited for all that they had done!

What's a Bachelorette Party without some sparking cider! ;)

Yum Yum dinner time!!

Here is my little, the best host ever! I couldn't get her out of that kitchen!

Essie nail polish party favors, oh my!

After all of my friends left, me and my sorority sisters had a little sleepover & woke up early to hit Starbucks and The Farmers Market. Mhhhmmm... what a lovey weekend, on top of everything, my friends even showered me with tons of wedding day/honeymoon gifts. Thank you guys, you are the best!

Do you remember your bachelorette party? What did you and your friends do?
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