HF4F + a beach cottage getaway

Today is the Character Book Parade over at our school, and yes, I will be dressed as an owl all day long!

Top 5:

1. Happy Character Book Parade Day!
2.Got a mani/pedi in preparation for my "girls weekend away".
3. I'm one step close to picking out the Hunter boots I want for our honeymoon!
4. Spinach, oats & strawberry smoothie for dinner...oh my!
5. Got my bags packed and ready to go!

This weekend I'm heading up the coast of Florida to spend the weekend with my bestfriends in honor of the upcoming wedding. I've never been the "bachelorette party" type, so when my little told me she wanted to be in charge of a relaxing getaway, I was ecstatic. I'll take my bestfriend, cupcake, beach weekend getaway anyday! Ali (my little:sorority lingo) has planned the entire weekend and even managed to keep it a surprise so I really have no idea what will be going on!

Her invitation went a little something like this:

Hi Best Friend!
Come to my beach cottage to celebrate you all weekend long.
It's going to be an elegant but casual night so dress accordingly.
If it's breezy out bring a sweater, if it's warm bring your bathing suite!
Come starving, bring your camera and a beach blanket!

Isn't she the cutest! Can't wait to fill you in!

Have a beautiful weekend- enjoy this beautiful weather, will you?