Design Dilemma

Hi Sweet Friends! It's already Wednesday and I just heard that SoFlo might see some cooler air tonight. I thought the cold air forgot about us down here. Be prepared, even if it drops 5 degrees, I will be in boots, a scarf and a sweater tomorrow!!


Ok moving on...

Today I come to you in need of your design advice...You see this blank wall?

I have big dreams for it!

Last year at our engagement party, my b-i-l and s-i-l gave us this plate and I fell in love with it and knew I wanted to use it for decor vs serving.

Blank wall above my stove + beautiful ceramic plate = designer bliss

Now here is the problem and where I need your advice. This plate is pretty LARGE and pretty HEAVY. How I should put it on the wall?

My fiance and I went to Home Depot this weekend but had no luck with the size of their plate holders.

Does anyone have experience in this department?

How do you hang decorative plates on the wall?
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