Windowsill Garden

As you may remember from this post, I love growing my own basil. I've been doing it for a couple of years now and have gone through two. With my last basil, I started inside and then moved him outside when he got a little too big. I have come to realize though, growing basil outside just isn't as fun. I'd much rather have him live inside with me!

After moving into the new house, I quickly became attached to my kitchen window and the many possibilities of a windowsill garden.  I currently have my sill seasonally decorated, but decided it is time to buy a new basil.

Basil plants are very easy to maintain and can be used almost every meal.

 Steps to potting your basil

1. I would recommend purchasing a potted basil so you can put it straight on your window sill and give the plant time to adjust to its new home.
2. Once you are ready to move the plant into a new pot, pack the pot with potting soil and dig a hole in the center.
3. Place your basil in the center of the pot with the roots almost touching the bottom. Cover. Water.

Steps to maintaining your basil

1. Make sure your basil has plenty of sunlight.
2. Water once every 2 days.
3. Pull off flowers that may appear. These cause the leaves to become bitter.
4. When pulling basil leaves off, make sure to pinch not pluck.

 It really is pretty simple. 


Once my fiance moves in and things settle down after the wedding, he is planning on building me a garden in the backyard! Maybe I will take this guy out there to be with the big boys!

Enjoy your lush foliage growth!!

Have you ever had a windowsill garden?

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