Miami Style {Bridal Shower} Fashion

When it is time to celebrate your bridal shower, you want to make sure to find a dress that is totally you. Your dress does not need to be white, that's what the wedding is for! At my first shower, I decided to stick with a white classic dress to fit the tea party theme. The dress that I wore to my second shower was purchased over a year ago and saved. Right when I saw this dress, I fell in love with it and knew it had to be worn on a special day.

I decided to stick with flats because
1) I live in Miami and it is a norm to walk around in sandals all day everyday.
2) I wanted to be comfortable all day long and be able to walk around in grace. 

Since my sis came into town for this shower, I decided to let her do my hair since she does excellent braids. I figured why not do something different that will keep the hair out of my eyes?

What do you envision yourself wearing to your bridal shower?

& if you already had a shower, what did you decide to wear?

Erica DiazWedding2 Comments