Do you ever find yourself doubting the Lord? Doubting what He has called you to do? Doubting that he has equipped you enough?

My dear friend, often times I find myself feeling this way. 

If He would have only given me _____ strength to do _____ task.

Thankfully, our Lord is a patient. He never get's frustrated when we fail.
 He never make me feel like I am less of a person because I doubt Him.

Last night, I read something in bible study that stuck with me..."Bigger isn't always better. More is overrated. Believe it or not, you have exactly what you need in time, gifts, talents, provision and spiritual resources." (Priscilla Shirer)

"He has graciously granted to {you} everything pertaining to like and godliness." Peter 1:3

So go on and stand firm in what He has called you to do today. 

It won't be easy. 

Just remember....

He is enough