Coffee in the Art Distict

Remember last week's post on Buddy Brew? Well, while we were there, we told the barista where we lived, and he instantly recommended Panther Coffee.

Remember how much I said we love coffee?

& remember how we love to try it where ever we go. Well guess what, Panther Coffee has been in our backyard this entire time and we had never heard of it. We had to travel all the way to Tampa to catch the word.

Oh, did I mention where in Miami this place is? Yup. The Art District. You really should check it out if you're ever in town. It was like nothing I'd ever seen. Graffetti all over the wall, that is there on purpose!

While we were sipping our lattes, we were blown away by the amount of photographers passing by taking shots of the art all around.

We even had a chance to participate in the weekly coffee tasting at the bar. Each Saturday, the baristas line up about 20 different blends from all around the world for the customers to try. And best of all, it is a free tasting! How cool is that!

All in all, we had a fantastic time across town visiting this artsy coffee spot. As a matter of fact, we are going back this Saturday morning for more!

Does your town have any spots like this that you recommend?