Bridal Shower Game Ideas

As promised, here are the bridal shower games we played at my Miami Shower.

1. Decorate the wedding cake: Break your guests up into groups and have them decorate a small pound cake. Make sure the bride is in another room so that when she judges, she does not know who decorated what.

2. Bridal bingo: This is a great game when you have a large group, especially if you have some older guests. We used engagement rings as our bingo chips.

3. When's your birthday: Have your guests go around the table and write their name and birthday down. The guest who has a date closest to your wedding date wins.

4. Did someone say wedding: This game will last throughout your entire shower. You start off by giving an "engagement ring" to all of your guests. Every time they hear someone say the word "wedding" they take that persons engagement ring for themselves. At the end of the shower, the person with the most rings wins.

P.S Today marks one month to go!
Erica DiazWeddingComment