Best of Savannah, GA

Yesterday, I got back from our mini Labor Day getaway. If you haven't been to Savannah, you must go! It is such an adorable and charming place filled with lots of history and great food.

Did I mention how great the food is? They say it is the #4 place in America for foodies. I might even give it a #1.

Total time travel from Miami: 7 Hours

I figured I will let some pictures do the talking, since they are much more interesting than narration. Well, maybe I'll do just a little bit of narration.

Charming Savannah:

Transportation: Rental Car & Ferry 

Accommodations: The Westin

Best Breakfast Spot: Goose Feathers Bakery

Tour: Savannah Carriage Rides

On Jones Street. This is where the saying "Keeping up with the Jones" originated. I see why.

 Not 1, but 2 AMAZING Pizza Spots: Screaming Mimi's & Vinnie Van Go Go's. & this is coming from a girl that doesn't even really like pizza.

Best Ice Cream: Leopold's

Best Southern Buffet: Lady & Son's

I am a pretty big fan!

 Most Historic & Charming Restaurant: The Pink House. Over 200 years old!

Once of my favorite parts about Savannah: The "squares" they have on every block. It's basically like having a park in your front and backyard!

Best Discovery: Green apples topped with honey comb & Gouda cheese. Man, oh man, if you only knew the half of it.

Tomorrow, I will give you the scoop on Hilton Head, South Carolina. It's an adorable golf island that we visited and are hoping to head back for Memorial Day! As for now, I hope these pictures have inspired you to take a trip out to Savannah! You won't be disappointed!