My Wedding Dress Tale

I would have to say, last week was pretty monumental in wedding world! I picked up my wedding dress from the seamstress, got measured for my veil, met with the DJ, picked out our flowers, visited the liquor vendor and had our final pre marital counseling session. Phewwwww. Exhausted, yes. But it was all worth it to see everything coming together!


Did I mention my DRESS is finished??

I really want to tell you the full story, but we will need to back track a little.

It all started...

7 years ago...
I was searching through a bridal magazine, and there in front of me, I saw the one! Or so I thought, but being only 15, in high school and not engaged, the odds were low. So I tore out the page and tucked it away, in hopes that one day (or 7 years later) I would be able to find the exact dress.

15 months ago...
So the story goes on. I got engaged and immediately thought of my magazine cut out, which believe it or not, I still had.

I was on a hunt.
a) find the dress
b) have it made

Of course option A would have been the easiest, but $7,000 later, I knew it would never happen. Did I mention the dress was $7,000? Who on earth would pay that?? Moving on....

Option B. I wanted to make sure I found a local seamstress that could be visited often. Ironically, I found just that. One day, while in downtown, I stumbled across an old fabric store that my {future} mother-in-law had told me about. In my broken Spanish, I quickly began asking if anyone could make the dress in the picture.

& there she was..  I knew she was the one! Language barrier and all, she was going to be my seamstress.

She made my dress in the back of her house and worked on it for 15 months. The majority of the dress was made by hand. Bless her heart, she basically worked for free.

I never thought this day would come!

God sure taught me a lot through this journey too. After many lessons in honesty, trust, faith and patience, my little girl dream dress was finished.

I cannot wait to show you all what it looks like! I think you will be surprised! As for now, it will sit in my closet & wait patiently for November to arrive.