End of a Season...

Believe it or not, summer is coming to an end around here. I know that sounds silly because I live in Miami, but I actually feel fall in the air. Not literally in the "air" of course, just around the corner. You know what I mean.

Along with saying goodbye to summer, I'm also saying goodbye to my job in the Event Planning Office. Don't worry, I'm not going far. I'll just be across campus at the elementary school working with the first grade!

I'm actually very excited for this new journey.

Have you ever felt the Lord calling you to do something outside of your plan? Well, I did. My mind was no where near teaching 1 year ago. It's funny, when you ask the Lord for guidance, how willing He is to give it. You just have to make sure when you ask, you are ready to take the plunge.. whatever it may be. Although it might not make sense at the time, He knows the bigger picture.

So, may your end to this summer season leave you calm and refreshed for the months ahead.

Sweet Day!