Cupcake Topper Tutorial + Printable

Have you seen this new fad lately?

These babies are everywhere & I'm infatuated with them! 

For all those DIYers who want to make their own...let's get started! I think you will be surprised at how easy they are!


2x2 image
Shape Puncher
Clear Tape
Lollipop Sticks

1. Create a 2x2 image with any theme that you would like. I use Photoshop for my images, but you can pretty much use any program.

2. Print out your image on cardstock. I usually have 12 images per page.

3. Cut cardstock into rows.

4. Next, cut your strips into individual pieces.

5. Center your image with the puncher. This tool has been a life saver!!

6. Next, place a lollipop stick behind the shape and stick on with a small amount of clear tape.

 Download Mr. & Mrs. PDF free here.

Good luck on your toppers & Happy Party Planning!


*If you aren't feeling crafty, custom orders are always welcome too!

Have a sweet day!