Siesta Key: Products

 Welcome to my suitcase Day 3.

Monday- Clothing
Tuesday- Bathing Suites
Wednesday- Products
Thursday- Summer Reading


1. Body Splash (Very Sexy Now)
I love putting on a lighter spray after being in the sun all day long! This one is perfect because it is light, but still leaves me smelling fresh!

2. Face Wash (Mary Kay Velocity)
I started using this a few weeks ago & I really like it. It leaves my face very soft & this is especially good after having sunscreen on my face all day.

3. Moisturizer (Mary Kay Velocity)
To go along with the face wash, this product is great because it leaves my face cool. I have a semi sensitive face so aloe just doesn't cut it. This product leaves me hydrated, like I have aloe all over my face. 

4. Sunscreen (Banana Boat SPF 15)
Normally, I do not put on that much sunscreen since I generally do not burn. I know, shame on me. But, I really do love this lower SPF product because it keeps me from getting too dark.

5. Body Butter (Tree Hut Coconut Lime)
Best product ever! Beach or no beach. It leaves your skin very soft & completely takes away dryness all day long. This is a great product for skin that has been in the sun all day.

6. Leave in Conditioner (It's a 10)
I really only use this product after a day at the beach. Since I have semi oily hair, this isn't the best product for me to use on a daily basis. I do like it though after I go into the ocean. It leaves it manageable for the next day.

7. Shampoo/Conditioner (Burt's Bees Very Volumizing)
Since I got the keratin treatment about a month ago, I had to switch over to sulfate free shampoo & conditioner.  I really like how much volume these products give. I had to make sure that I brought a lot of it with me on this trip because I've been washing my hair everyday to clean out the salt and chlorine.

8. Hair Spray (Ion Volume Shaping Spray)
I love hairspray. It is the best thing to keep my hair in place without having the blow dry it all the way!


So there you have beach trip products.

Do you have any special beach products that work for you??