Siesta Key: Clothing

This week, I am in Siesta Key with my family & fiance's family. I am looking forward to a lot of food, tanning, baking and swimming.

To keep you from feeling left out, I am going to share what I've packed in my suitcase all week long.

Monday- Clothing
Tuesday- Bathing Suites
Wednesday- Products
Thursday- Summer Reading


So on a typical beach vacation.... I wear bathing suites & coverups during the day and comfortable clothes at night. Perfect huh??

So here we go.. you are free to take a peak inside of my suitcase for the next 3 days.

Dress: Forever XXI // Belt: Anthropology // Watch: Michael Kors

                           Maxi Dress: TJ Maxx // Hat: Jessica Simpson @ Burlington Coat Factory

Dress: Marshalls

Maxi Skirt: Old Navy // Shirt: Old Navy // Belt: H&M

Shorts: Marshalls // Shirt: Talbots

Shirt: Old Navy // Shorts: J Crew // Belt: H&M

Shirt: Old Navy // Shorts: Marshalls // Hat: Ralph Lauren


Here are my everyday go to pieces on this trip (or pretty much anytime).

I am currently loving these earrings. My fiance brought them back from a business trip to Mexico.

And these... well, are my absolute favorite pieces.

Thanks for reading! I hope you've enjoyed.

Come back tomorrow to see the bathing suites I packed away!