Our Coastal Paint Colors

**All of the colors that we liked were from different lines, so we took the samples and had Glidden match the colors. We were very pleased with {Glidden Duo + Primer} and the amount of coverage it gave.


1// Navajo Sand - Glidden
- Living Room
- Kitchen
- Dining Room
- Hallways

2// Palladian Blue - Benjamin Moore
- Man Cave/ Domino Room
- Linen Closet
- Storage Closet

3// White Sage - Behr
- Office
- Guest Bedroom

4// Frosted Jade - Behr
- Master Bedroom


For the trim & ceiling, we went with starch white. The only rooms we have left to decide on are the bathrooms & the utility room. Since both bathrooms have a 1960s mauve tub & sink, I am thinking of a neutral color until we are ready to renovate. As for the utility room, maybe we will go with the same color as the master to keep it relaxing. 

Most of the paint only took 1-2 coats and dried fairly quickly. 

Brushes & Rollers Used:
- Woody Edging Brush: Best brush I have ever used! Makes cutting in fun!
- Purdy White Dove Rollers: Very nice and smooth application!


Next up on the to-do list: floor