:: High Five for Friday ::

First Friday of the month!

When I think of July, I think of the beach. In exactly one week, I will be packing my bags and heading to Siesta Key with my fiance and our families. I am so excited for a week filled with absolutely nothing

Linking up with Lauren @ My Grey Desk for this week's Top 5:

{1} My sissy is in town this week! One of the things we did together was go to Bill Bags State Park in Key Biscayne, that was founded in 1825. My favorite part of this beach was the historical light house - isn't it just picture perfect?

{2} I had the best lemonade icee in the world! After a very hot day at the beach, sis and I stopped in the Grove and got this icee that I've heard about since I moved to Miami. Now I see why - It was ridiculous. 

{3} Completed a lemon cream cheese cupcake order! I love themed orders.

{4} I bought a new bathing suite top for our upcoming Siesta Key trip! I love strapless bathing suites. No tan lines for the wedding dress allowed. 

{5} My parents are in town this week too! Thanks for all of your hard work this week & helping paint the house!


We are off to Ft. Lauderdale for the weekend to spend some time at the beach. See what I mean about July & beach?? Have a great weekend!!!