$80 Living Room Upgrade

This past weekend, while on the way to meet my parents at the beach, we decided to make a pit stop.

:: Cocoplum Garage Sale from 9-1pm ::

If you don't know anything about Miami, you need to know that Cocoplum is one of the most fabulous neighborhoods around & on the ocean of course.

So we stopped. We got out. We fell in love.

Taaa daaaaa. Our trip was a success!!

A brand new West Elm Chair for only $80. As soon as we left the sale, I searched online to see how much the chair originally cost.

$499. Yes. $419 more than what we paid.

To complete the look, we found a Pottery Barn look-a-like pillow for only $20 at TJ Maxx.

Project Total: $100

I just love thrifty finds!!