Save The Dates + Planning with Grace

It is almost time for our Save The Dates to be mailed out... Exciting, isn't it?

 A peak into our inspiration:

Our wedding is six months away & there is a lot that needs to be done. Since we have been engaged for over a year, I have experienced the ups & downs that come with planning a wedding. help alleviate your stress {if you are planning a wedding too}, I have come up with some tips that might inspire you to remain positive.


How to plan a wedding with grace:

:: First & foremost, remember what the actual party you are planning is about.. Two becoming one.  If all else fails, know that you will still be married your very best friend in the end.

:: Lean on God when things get tough. He is the only one who can actually bring sanity at insane times.

:: More expensive does not always equal better quality.

:: People do appreciate elements that you have made yourself. They will not go unnoticed.

:: Make the wedding reflect both of your personalities. I have been to countless weddings that have  literally felt like they were made from a kit. Make it something memorable. Make it unique. Make it your own.

:: Talk with your fiance. Include him in the little things. He actually enjoys being part & seeing how excited it makes you.

:: Do not turn into 'bridezilla'. You will regret it. Take every situation for what it is. For every complaint, replace it with a solution.

:: Set your budget & learn to accept it. A wedding is not about frills, it is about you & your fiance joining together.

:: Keep it classic. Will you really like those Patone 2012 colors when you are showing your grandchildren pictures?

:: Create a wedding website. They are free & it minimize having to answer so many questions.
 {Our Site}

:: Be thankful. Everyone who is a part of your special day is there because they love & care about you. Let them know they are appreciated.


For all of you DIYers, check out where I ordered everything I needed to create both the Save The Dates & the Invitations. This is a great money saving option.

Aren't these precious?

Can't wait to show you ours. I will post them up once they are done & in the mail.