:: High Five for Friday::

 Yeayyyy.... it's finally Friday! 

This week has been a whirlwind or renovations, planning, & cleaning. Lots of exciting things going on around here!  I am extra excited to host a garage sale tomorrow & prepare for my little sis to arrive on Sunday!


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 Top 5 of the week:

1. Had a wedding hair trial done by my dear friend & sorority sister.

Kelsey drove all the way from Orlando to come and try a style on my hair! She is such an amazing person & a very talented stylist!!!

2. We got a "new to us" washer & dryer!!

I am extra thankful about these because it means no more laundromat! Between college dorms and efficiency living, I've had a fair share of public machines. I can't wait to do the first load. 

3. We picked out the paint colors for the new home!!

We are looking to go neutral throughout & light seafoam in our master. Have I mentioned that we are coastal living freaks?? 

4. Found out that my wedding dress is finally done being made!!

One year & a half years later, I got the call!! I thought the day would never come! Can't wait to try it on for mom & sis next week. 

5. I bought a new book on facing fears & trusting God.

Lately, I have been struggling with the adjustment of living in a "big girl house" by myself, until we get married in November. God is always watching out though. This week, He has been giving me the strength I need to face my fears! Without Him I am nothing.

Have a sweet weekend!!!