Perfectly Plucked Brows


They can totally {make or break} a look.


The other day while walking through Nordstrom, a lady from the Anastasia counter caught my eye.

She was shaping brows with a stencil.

I wanted to try.

So I let her (a free trial, of course).

(excuse the phone picture)
 I was sold. 

Well sort of, I actually found a cheaper version of the stencils at Sally's for $7.00. 

Brow stencil how to:

1. Find stencil you like.
2. Place over your brow.
3. Use an eye pencil & fill in stencil completly.
4. Remove stencil.
5. Pluck away any hair that is outside of your penciled brow.

Taaaa Daaaaa. 

Completely fool proof - Nordstrom like brows.