A Peak into my {Future-In-Law's} Garden

Have you ever seen a tropical garden?

The tips below were given by my future {m-i-l} 
& boy, does she know her plants!

:: Welcome to the Diaz Family Garden ::

 {Coconut Tree}
Fertilize 2x a year  .  Needs to be placed in full sun
Produces coconuts 1x a year  .  Trim when leaves droop

Can be grown in a pot or in soil  .  Don't trim  
  Fertilize 2x a year  .  Only requires rain water

Self reproducing plant  .  Mother plant will eventually die
Blooms 1x a year  .  Full sun  .  Only requires rain water

Trim & Fertilize every 2 months  .  Blooms 3-4 times a year
Full sun  .   Only requires rain water


Notice a trend with these plants? They are pretty independent & low maintenance.

Their favorite fertilizer is Vigoro Palms & Ixoras.
{The bag tells how much to add based on the age & size of the plant}


God is such a magnificent artist {leaves me in awe}.
Isn't it amazing how He lets us participate in His creation?!

I hope their garden inspires you to create one of your own!


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