:: High Five for Friday ::

Every Friday, I link up with Lauren to list my 5 favorite things of the week!


Favorite 5:

1. I got 7 loads of laundry done in one & a half hours. 

   Record Breaking. 

3 darks
2 whites
1 red
1 towel/sheets

Yeah. 3 weeks worth.



2. Attended a food premiere at the Four Season's Restaurant {Edge}. 


Star light night.

Unlimited gourmet food.



3. Had burgers & fellowship with my bible study group.

This past fall, I attended a bible study on Discerning the Voice of God.

It was phenomenal.

I miss our study & food of course.
mhhm bible study food... one of the best parts right?
We met at Red Robin! yummmm 

Not as yummy as our homemade treats, but still pretty tasty!


4.  I saw the final episode of Once Upon a Time.

My sister got me hooked.

When we showed it to my fiance...

 & he was hooked too.

This season has been a roller coaster of fairy tales. 

Sounds silly, I know. I am not usually a fairy tale - show kind of girl.

But trust me, this one is filled with twists, drama, romance & scandal. 

What is not to love about it, really?

I can't wait for next season!


5. We made a menu appointment for my October bridal shower in Miami.

Mom is planning my bridal shower.

I love to spot she picked. 

:: Girlie . Girlie . Girlie ::

My big sister is going to go to the appointment with me.

(Here is my sis & I at her bridal shower this past year)


Have a sweet weekend & God bless!