My Sister's Italian Bridal Shower

This past weekend I had the pleasure of planning my big sister's Bridal Shower. I decided from the beginning that I wanted to keep every detail a surprise and luckily, no one seemed to spoil it!

Theme: Lunch in Italy

Colors: Red, White, Green

Flowers: While Carnations with Babies Breathe in petite glass vases

Games: Guess How Many Noodles in the Jar & Who's Wedding Anniversary is Closest

Gifts: The gifts for the game winners were all Italian Themed: an Italian Cookbook & Gourmet Pasta

Food:  Chicken Cannelloni
             Caesar Salad
             Apple Cake a la Mode

Favors: Individually wrapped Italian Wedding Cookies

Guest Book: Send the Bride off with Advice Cards- placed in a suite case

Table Setting: Personal Monogrammed J&R Logo with a Recipe Card and a pen

Number of Guests: 19

The location that the bridal shower was in made the entire event! The owners of this small quant restaurant are straight from Rome & they made this event so authentic. The cozy cafe is tucked away very nicely. When you walk in, the first this you see brightly colored chalk boards and food buffets filled with Italian Cuisine. As you look up, you see a large Ivy Growing on the ceiling. Each Table has a beautifully printed table-cloth with fresh white flower display on it.

In the back of the restaurant, is a cozy library & Grand Piano Area with shelves from the ground to the ceiling filled with Italian Cook Books.

This by far was the most authentic Italian Restaurant I had ever been too & definitely recommend it for small, quaint gatherings!

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