Jack the Beanstalk

Have you ever grown an herb?

Homegrown herbs make me happy.

At my old house, I grew a basil named {Jack} - as in "Jack the Beanstalk." He grew incredibly fast {hence the name} given by my lovely fiance. The funny thing about Jack was - he didn't grown wide like most basil plants, he just grew tall. Jack sat happily near the window facing east - Life was good... until the move.

I moved in November & Jack was not happy. He didn't like the new window sill - probably because he now had to face west.

 Jack became more wilted & speckled as the days went on.

Until, I had the idea of broadening his horizons & moving him outside.

Now, Jack is taller than ever!
 I'm still working on getting those speckles off..
{Baby steps}

Here is Jack now.
 {Make sure you water your basil at least every other day}
He is as happy as can be & even found a friend {Violet}

The moral of the story... where your herb lives, makes all the difference. Plants are like people - they like being surrounded by friends & are healthier in happy places.
Good luck finding your herb's happy place!

I can't wait until {we - as in - Mr. & Mrs. Diaz!} move into our new little home - where I can grow a big garden in our backyard.

-Have a blessed weekend-

 *Picture was taken at The 2012 UM Spring Game - Go Canes!

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