Burt's Bees Facial Cleansers

I have decided to start writing reviews of products weekly - My goal is to potentially improve your life through my trial & errors.

We will call it ....{Product of the Week} or POW for short.

This week I am going to talk about Burt's Bee's Facial Cleansers - which, by the way, I found at one of the greatest stores known to man kind.....Whole Foods. Just walking in that store, makes me feel, well, a little healthier. Yes, {a little nutty} I know!

My skin can be funny... it is oily one moment & than flaky the next...

{I am constantly on a journey of finding the right products for my slightly confused skin}

Every other night, I used a dime size amount & within a few weeks, I noticed my pores had shrunk!  I also loved how this scrub did not strip away my face dry at all... on the contrary, it cleaned well and added a soft layer of moisture - which is why I only use it at night.

This was my first toner experience - Have you ever heard of the wonders (toner) can do in balancing facial PH level & redness? Yeah, it really does work like they say!

When I first read the bottle, I was a little concerned with the word {Tomato}, since I despise them (uncooked that is) & to my surprise, the tomato ingredient was actually the reason why I loved it.  After I put it on {with a cotton ball} my skin felt so soft and clean.

But make sure not to use this product every night - It dried out my face at first -  Now, I use it three to four times a week & it really has done a work in balancing my skin and shortening the life of my blemishes!

It's all about the trial and error - - - - Happy trials! Have Fun!

Which facial scrubs do you like?

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