This past Sunday, I had the pleasure of listening to Dr. Robi Sonderegger speak at church.

{His Topic: Forgiveness}

Forgiveness is one of those topics that everyone seems to have trouble with in someway or another.
Letting go of past hurts can put you in quite an uncomfortable place.

*Everything written below was obtained when listening to Dr. Robi - I do not want to take credit for his work, but rather share the message - in hope that, it touches even one person's life.

{Four Steps to Forgiveness}

1. Let Go!

If you don't let go of pain, it will consume & destroy. Just because you forgive someone though, doesn't mean that you will feel better right away. Forgiveness takes an instant {but} healing takes time.

Immerse - Reverse - Disperse

2. Don't Hate Anymore or Want to Seek Revenge

Just because you forgive someone, does not mean you have to be their friend- the bible tells us to "Love your enemies" but love does not always equal befriending. Love can be described as an act of service- Reflect the image of Jesus & serve your enemy.

3. Trust God When It Comes To Justice

"Who are you to judge another." Romans 14:4

The Lord will be the ultimate judge one day - He will give consequences where they are do. Remember, Jesus does not think the same way we do...

"For my thoughts are not your thoughts, neither are your ways my ways." Isaiah 55:8

The Lord knows His children & knows how to help them all grow and learn from their mistakes -He can change one heart in a few minutes, way more effectively than we could in an entire lifetime.
Trust God & His justice.

4. Forgiveness Is A Gift, Even If It Isn't Deserved

Forgiveness has less to do with the perpetrator & more to do with us.

Even we, did not deserve forgiveness- while we were still sinners, Jesus died on the cross for us.
(talk about an incredible Savior)

The concept of forgiveness is not to forget what happened, but to no longer remember the hurt.

Who is the Lord asking you to forgive today?
The freedom received from forgiving, can make you whole again.

Lord, please help me to reflect your image and to open my heart to forgive those who have hurt me.. Allow me to become free from pain & to find comfort in trusting your ways - make me whole once again.  Amen.

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