Dearly Loved

Isn't it powerful to know...that the Lord can give so much reassurance of His Love daily? He loves you & I so much that He gave clear instructions on how to live a virtuous and fulfilling life, in His image.

How many times a day, do we worry about our outer appearance? What if...we spent that same amount of time focusing on how He wants us to be clothed... IN HIS IMAGE. How many more lives could we touch?

Let everything you do bring glory to the Lord.

Cloth yourself in: Compassion, Kindness, Humility, Gentleness & Patience.
And above all else, LOVE.

Lord, please concern my heart with the "clothes"  that you would like me to wear, rather than the clothes that I want to be in.

Love your brothers & sisters, love God's plans, love the life you were given, love the poor, love the sick, love your enemies...

Who is the Lord telling you to LOVE today?
May the Lord grant you a heart filled with LOVE & a yearning to be clothed in His image.

Erica DiazFaithComment