Afternoon Tea

There is something about an afternoon cup of tea that always seems to make me feel good. Don't get me wrong, I am a true lover of coffee, but I do feel guilty when I drink more than two cups a day. So for that reason, I began drinking tea in the afternoons to keep me going!

Don't you just love how tea always seems to connect friends together too?
No matter the day someone is having, a cup of tea can provide the calming cure needed!

Before you fall in love with tea though, you need to make sure and invest in a good tea kettle! The proper whistling experience, makes all the difference. Luckily, my most recent thifty find was a Lemon Yellow Le Cruset Tea Kettle - from the 1940s. I am such a big fan of anything made from cast iron - so when you put a cast iron tea kettle together, I'm sold!

My current favorites are:

{Celestial Seasonings- Lemon Zinger}

{Stash- Pomegranate with Matcha}

Both flavors hardly need any sweetener (I use Agave Nectar) because they are naturally sweet. Even my fiance, who is not a tea guy, enjoys them!

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