How To Effectively Choose a Logo That Represent Your Brand

When we launched IBA mid 2013, I knew we needed to quickly design a logo to add to our emails, contracts, invoices, instagram and anything else we wanted our mark on. Last summer was spent building a brand - engulfed in mission statements, webinars and the website you see here today. So, with little time and thought, a very quick logo design was put together because in a sense, I felt rushed.

After a year and a half of figuring out who we are and what we want to portray, IBA Paper Good's logo has finally been revamped to show our true self - new logo set to launch early June. Along with the reveal, I'll walk you through a few simple steps we follow while designing custom logos for our clients.

If you are in the process of brainstorming a logo design for your brand, I highly recommend creating a mood board with colors, textures, styles and elements that you love! Compile a group of images that really defines who you are.  You can see our polyvore board above, and our pinterest brand board here. I suggest using pinterest, polyvore or any other format that can be shared with your brander. 

p.s i'm convinced, creating a logo for ourselves was one of the most challenging tasks we took on - setting aside time to process and reflect on yourself can be hard, friends.

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